No more delays, compression artifacts and squelching voices in online meetings

qMeet allows to keep the highest quality of your webinar


Online stream

Restored stream

Original quality

Post loading of an HQ recording from each meeting's member. Replacing a poor-quality online stream with the recording from remote device.

Multiple platforms

The host app works on any desktop OS - Windows, OS X, Linux. The remote app supports both the same desktop platforms and iOS/Android.

Camera Switching

Ability to choose external video source for desktop remote apps and switch between internal and external cameras even while translation.

Reconform Effects

Instantly reconform the timeline of the host app with uploaded recordings. No need to manually replace sources for HQ media.

Built-in TitleFX

Internal title generator for easy and fast creation of names, low thirds and other graphic elements based on fonts.

AE Integration

Support for After Effects' project files fast creation of online graphics with easy customization of any element.

User friendly Interface, easy to learn

No need in long and hard learning. User interface is similar to other online conference and video editing apps. Even if you not familiar with these apps you can use supplied manual and video lessons to start develop your own high-quality conference just in half an hour.


The technology: close look


It depends on quality of network you can use after the meetings ended. If you are not connected to a wired network then you can try to change location and look for a better spot with higher signal from your mobile operator.

There is no upscale feature now. It will be implemented later for Pro plan to let users upscale their streams to 4K.

No, it is not possible for now. Due to the nature of YouTube platform you can only upload a new video but not replace the existing one.

This is a feature for future implementation in Business plan to let professional users at TV studios create complex FX by using their specialized equipment.


Annual plans. Monthly plans will be announced soon.


  • 2 persons in a session
  • Session limit - 40 mins
  • HD res only
  • Basic fades


  • Up to 4 persons in a session
  • No time limit
  • Up to 4K res
  • Advanced fades/FX


  • No limit for persons
  • No time limit
  • No resolution/format limit
  • Up to 2 cams for each person